Every Pitfall has its Redemption


No one really can prepare you for the uni experience, or what is effectively living in a hotel with 300 horny and self-righteous adolescents. Rxpectations were often not met. Few friends were made in an ‘instant, met- on- move in, howdy-neighbor, let’s be friends’ kind of way, many of the most intrinsic connections were formed organically; it just took more time.

When disappointment comes, and its expected; I remind those around me how gutsy they are to make such a transition. To move to a new city, out of home; live in a completely foreign and unique setting, and be forced to try to make sense of friends out of hundreds of strangers. To be easier on themselves. Uni gives you the credentials to get in the door, but the skills and connections gained in the hall experience are invaluable and surprisingly essential. Communication, sharing, the art of small chat in an elevator,  as well as learning to deal with your shit solely for the first time ever, is a degree in itself.

It is undoubtedly comforting being amongst people in the same situation. Empathy through common ground. Someone always there to accompany a walk to Maccas for a late-night craving, or simply to attend dinner with company. Although no one would admit, everyone is terrified of being alone.

On the contrary, the spectrum often flips and you feel suffocated, you are desperate to be alone.  Fortunately, we live in central city providing endless outlets to release any excess tension. A favorite of my friends is a walk or run around Oriental bay. If you go at 4:45pm, you often catch a Neapolitan ice-cream sunset. Molly dances, Cinta and I attend a theatre company. There are jazz gigs on most weekends which are the most exciting compositions to watch. There are markets, and cute cafes Lucy and Zara particularly drool over, and events catered for almost every niche of interest.

The biggest lesson is that every pitfall has its redemption. That blimmin walk up the uni is worth the picturesque view of the city walking down, and every assignment is worth the celebratory drink after hand in. The trashy bar is worth the cheap laughs, and getting lost equates for the greatest treasures discovered by foot.

Finding the good in the bad, and doing so together.


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