and when he listened, it was as if it were a secret. he drew shapes into her side gentle paint strokes lightly. decorating her curves smoothing out his last brush     Advertisements

Pretty Face

Pretty face found its way back in, burrowed under the barb wire fenced around my sanity. naive fun these nocturnal notions; too convenient, genuine connection tied loosely i swear. until you slipped through, sucked my rationality slid by like autumn did. no more knocking, no longer will these bare bodies be closely knitted in cheap … More Pretty Face

someday soon

sirens and breaking dish; tuck me in overnight post, isolated, addressed somewhere warm. there i will dance and dress the walls in in patient blue; somber, but hopeful; imagine the sea and hear myself think again                 Art By Henn Kim

Pull me back in

Pull me back in; Sheets the smell of comfort. Fold me into your arms like that origami on your desk, And outline my creases. I liked you best barefoot; The earths vibrations dance through your roots And you were born restless. I wouldn’t call this a love poem, But Sometimes, I saw our shadows roll … More Pull me back in