Artificial Home

  Cupid has struck me on these neon paths. It’s a cinematic experience; Exotic characters in the stores, boys streaming down streets on skateboards. For once I am living in a city that is alive, that is screaming for its appreciation. And it’s everywhere. I swoon for the underground performances by unknown artists, and the … More Artificial Home

Fresh Film

My granddad left my father his film camera after passing. Last month I found it in my dads office. Curiosity got the better of me and i took it to a film shop to discover among many blanks one of my brother captured age 4. A special token of my grandfather. Here are some other … More Fresh Film

Pretty Face

Pretty face found its way back in, burrowed under the barb wire fenced around my sanity. naive fun these nocturnal notions; too convenient, genuine connection tied loosely i swear. until you slipped through, sucked my rationality slid by like autumn did. no more knocking, no longer will these bare bodies be closely knitted in cheap … More Pretty Face

someday soon

sirens and breaking dish; tuck me in overnight post, isolated, addressed somewhere warm. there i will dance and dress the walls in in patient blue; somber, but hopeful; imagine the sea and hear myself think again                 Art By Henn Kim

Pull me back in

Pull me back in; Sheets the smell of comfort. Fold me into your arms like that origami on your desk, And outline my creases. I liked you best barefoot; The earths vibrations dance through your roots And you were born restless. I wouldn’t call this a love poem, But Sometimes, I saw our shadows roll … More Pull me back in